Caravans & Motor Homes

We make old caravans and motor homes look brand new.


Our caravan upholstery services include:

  • Re-upholstery and soft furnishings for your caravan or motor home
  • New upholstery
  • Replacement cushion inners
  • Mattresses made to measure
  • Professional repairs to your caravan upholstery
  • Deep disinfectant cleaning of cushions and foams

We work with domestic customers or trade customers, on any size order, large or small. Whether you have existing cushions in need of an update or are looking to design or build your soft furnishings we can assist you with your caravan upholstery.

Re-upholstery and soft furnishings for your caravan or motor home

We can re-upholster any type of seating or soft furnishings in your caravan, from creating new covers on existing furniture to new boxed cushions, fixed or loose upholstery. Each piece is carefully pattern matched to your existing covers or we can create brand new patterns if required. The fabric is marked with chalk and cut by hand, sewn together with any piping, and zips as required, all by the same upholsterer. Once the cover is complete we carefully fit your new covers onto your existing furniture or new foams or boards as required.

The end result is an fresh looking caravan with years of life left in it!

New upholstery made to measure for custom built caravans

If your caravan is being completely gutted or the design changed, you are likely to need completely new upholstery and soft furnishings.

This is something we regularly do and are happy to work from accurate templates, drawings, or boards – either you can supply the board or we can take care of that part in-house. Brand new foam can be selected using foam samples we have in stock, these are carefully cut and shaped, ready to be upholstered. Alternatively, we could use your existing foams.

Deep cleaning service for your existing foams or cushions

We even offer a disinfectant deep clean of your foams before we recover them. This is priced at just £2.50 extra per cushion. This will leave your cushions smelling lovely and help to remove any germs that may have built up in them over the years.

We can replace cushion inners and fillings for your caravan or motor home

Replacement foam for your furniture, bedding, or seating in your caravan can help to bring a new lease of life to sagging, uncomfortable seating. Replacing your cushion inners and fillings as part of your caravan upholstery is a fantastic way to add comfort and recreate that pristine finish.

You can either pop in with one of your cushions or provide us with some measurements for a written quotation.

Mattresses can be made to measure

We can create caravan mattresses to order, no matter what shape or size. We work with you to make a mattress for your caravan that matches your desired comfort level, and colour whether that is firm and supportive or with a memory foam topper. Your mattress will be made to measure and can be made to fit a certain shape or size – if there are any unusual curves or cut-outs, this is no problem. All mattresses are internally fitted with stockinette as standard. This helps to reduce the friction between the cover and the foam.

The mattress can then be upholstered in calico or the material of your choice for an elegant finish, or we could simply supply you with the required foam if you prefer.


Professional repairs to your caravan or motor home upholstery

We can repair any broken or loose stitching on items of upholstery in your caravan. If you have a large repair such as a damaged panel or faded leather, we recommend you replace that section with fresh materials for a sound, lasting repair. We will work with you to obtain a close match to any new materials required, or perhaps you may decide on a piece of contrasting fabric.

We can replace/refill and deep disinfect clean tired, droopy, lumpy cushions of any shape and size to make them like new again. This can be done in a wide range of fillings which include; luxurious foam cut to size with added dacron and stockinette, feather and down cushions, or hollow fibre in a range of sizes. This is a great option if your upholstery is in good order, and can improve the look, smell, and feel of your cushions instantly.

We will provide you with a fixed price to professionally repair your caravan upholstery based on information and photos that you supply us, or we could facetime you while you are in the caravan with a tape measure. This enables us to show you the exact measurements that we need to ensure a perfect fit. We can deliver your new or collect your old cushions using a courier service if you are not in our locality. Extra charges would be incurred.

Delivery or collection service

Once upholstered in the fabric, leather, or vinyl of your choice, your order is complete and can be collected, delivered, or couriered to wherever you are in the UK.

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